Non Fried Sabudana Wada

Generally, sabudana Wada is a fried fasting item, which is very oily, though it’s tasty but so much oil is required….here Rinku has made this dish by using very less oil,still it’s very delicious. so lets make non fried sabudana wada

final serving of non fried sabudana wada

This recipe is written by Rinku patel. Rinku tells us that this recipe is completely her own experiment in the journey of non fried food.

saheli Rinku Patel

Ingridients for non fried sabudana wada

1 kg- of potatoes

500 grams sabudana(sago) 3 tbsp-

3 tbsp- crushed green chilies and ginger paste

chopped coriander 1/2 cup-

1/2 cup roasted crushed peanuts

1 – lemon

Sindhav(salt for fast)- as per taste

1 tsp- jeera

2tsp- cinnamon and cloves (crushed)

Steps to make non fried sabudana wada


Washed and soak sabudana for 2 hours….after 2 hours…strain it and keep it aside.

soaked and ready


Boiled and peeled potatoes.crushed them. add all ingredients in it and mix well.

All ingredients added


Make small balls from Wada mixers. Heat an appam patra on stove. Greased with some oil. when it became hot properly….put Wada balls in every cavity of appampatra. cover with lid. Roast for 4/5 mins. After that open, the lid, brush some oil….and turn all wadas one by one….Again cover the lid and roast for another 4/5 mins. When all wadas cook properly and became pinkish brown in color….our wadas are ready to eat.


Our healthy and tasty fasting snack is ready to eat….serve these sabudana Wadas with curd or green chutney.

final picture of recipe

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