Patuda no lot : one pot meal

Patuda no lot recipe is made by falguni chauhan. Falguni says she learnt this recipe from Naimisha of YouTube channel supersaheliya. She feels thankful to the channel for helping her with all traditional recipes her family liked the most. INGRIDIENTS TO MAKE PATUDA NO LOT 1 cup kanki korma no flour 1/2 tsp salt half … Read more

Vegetable Panki: A traditional Gujrati Item

Vegetable Panki by Chef Rinku Patel Rinku says that she has learnt this traditional gujrati recipe of vegetable Panki from her aunt. She says this is less oil recipe….panki is a super delicious Gujrati snack….made with differ kind of flours….here she use besan and rawa. She made it super nutritious with vegetables like corn, peas, … Read more

Mohan Thal: Traditional Gujarati Sweet

Mohan Thal by Chef Rashmi Vasani Rashmi says that she has learnt this traditional gujrati sweet from her mother Pushpaben. This is a family recipe which has been passed on from generations in her family. Today Rashmi has decided to share this wonderful recipe with perfect measurements with her friends at Super Saheliya. So let’s … Read more

Mix Dal And Vegetable Khichdi

Mix Dal And Vegetable Khichdi is made by chef kokila shah.Kokila says that along with making modern recipes she also enjoys making old and easily digestible items like khichdi.Her passion for making recipes is such that she always like to make a twist in any item she makes. This recipe of khichdi is an example … Read more

Moong Dal Dosa

Moong Dal Dosa by Rashmi Vasani. Rashmi enjoys making a variety of different dishes. According to her, the recipe should maintain the nutritional value and it can be eaten in any season of the year. Her recipes are enjoyed by her whole family and are demanded very often. INGRIDENTS Fotra vaadi maag ni daal Ginger … Read more

Lapsi: A forgotten heirloom

Lapsi by Chef Sohini Shah Sohini believes that age is just a number and it does not define who are what she can do at any period in her life. With this spirit in mind today she has entered into the digital world by uploading her first recipe. She has chosen to share how to … Read more

Stuffed Shimla Mirch

Stuffed Shimla Mirch by Chef Dhruti Punch Let us tell you something about our Saheli Dhruti. She is very talented and loves to cook things with a twist. She has been one of the most enthusiastic saheli on our website. We thank her for her good will for sharing her recipes with the world and … Read more

Malai Maisub

Malai Maisub is made by Kashmira Parekh. Kashmira says that she always makes variety of sweets for thakorji (lord krishna). She has learnt this recipe from mummyji Her immense love for making sweets is seen in this recipe. INGRIDENTS Malai 2 cups Sugar 3/4th cup STEPS TO MAKE MALAI MAISUB First of all, take malai … Read more

Bombay Karachi Halwa: A Subcontinental Dessert

Bombay Karachi Halwa by Chef: Sangita Vyas Sangita says that she loves to spend her spare time at home by cooking new varieties of food. She has tried out this halwa today and it came out so good that she decided to share it with her friends at Super Saheliya. Let us check out her … Read more

Fresh Yellow Dates Halwa

Yellow Dates Halwa by Chef Hemaxi Patel Let us tell you something about our Saheli Hemaxi Patel. She is extremely fond of cooking but her real passion is innovation. Cooking in new and creative way is what keeps her motivated in making new and delicious food. Today , Hemaxi is sharing yet another delicious and … Read more