Thepla Chat

Thepla chat recipe is given to us by someone who does not want to share her name and has sent this recipe by the name cute girl. This recipe is something like the use of all leftovers in a healthy dish click this link for easy sweet recipe INGREDIENTS FOR THEPLA CHAT Left out Wheat … Read more

Nutritious Ragi Roti

Nutritious Ragi Roti is really nutritious as the key ingredient is Ragi which is a very healthy grain. Many people prefer a healthy breakfast. This recipe can be a good option for kids’ tiffin box as it can keep full for long hours.Also try this africian recipe Rashmi Panchal writes nutritious ragi roti recipe. … Read more

Cheesy Mexican Pizza

Cheesy Mexican Pizza is a Healthy And Highly Nutritious food for your loved ones which also gives you a feeling of satisfaction .also try this africian recipe Cheesy mexican pizza recipe is given to us by kalpa joshi.Kalpa says that its totally her innovation of making a healthy version of pizza dough which everyone should … Read more

Patuda no lot : one pot meal

Patuda no lot recipe is made by falguni chauhan. Falguni says she learnt this recipe from Naimisha of YouTube channel supersaheliya. She feels thankful to the channel for helping her with all traditional recipes her family liked the most. INGRIDIENTS TO MAKE PATUDA NO LOT 1 cup kanki korma no flour 1/2 tsp salt half … Read more

Rajma with Coconut Rice :Authentic Dish

Rajma with coconut rice by Chef Sangita Vyas Sangita Vyas Rajma with coconut rice is made by saheli Sangita Vyas;She not only makes authentic dishes but she is a master in baking too. Though she is. living in Kenya for so many years,yet she is attached to Indian values;She is a master of all INGRIDIENTS … Read more

Vegetable Panki: A traditional Gujrati Item

Vegetable Panki by Chef Rinku Patel Rinku says that she has learnt this traditional gujrati recipe of vegetable Panki from her aunt. She says this is less oil recipe….panki is a super delicious Gujrati snack….made with differ kind of flours….here she use besan and rawa. She made it super nutritious with vegetables like corn, peas, … Read more

Paneer Bhurji: Punjabi Special

Paneer Bhurji by Chef Rinku Patel Rinku says that she has learnt this recipe on her own. She loves to try various cuisines apart from her traditional Gujrati style cooking. So today she has tried Punjabi style recipe and wishes to share it with her friends at Super Saheliya. So let us get started!!! INGREDIENTS … Read more


Bread Dhokla by chef Kokila Shah Kokila says that that this recipe is innovated by her beloved is an instant recipe and can be cooked in 10 minutes. lets check the ingredients required. . INGREDIENTS REQUIRED 1 cup – yogurt 3/4 cup – shredded fresh coconut 1 tbsp – ginger-green chilly paste 1/2 tsp … Read more

Sweet Corn Uttapam

Sweet Corn Uttapam by Chef Alka Jani As we all know that “Necessity is the Mother of Invention” Alka also invented this variation of uttapam due to her son’s love for sweet corn. She tried this recipe and it turned out to be so delicious that she decided it should be shared with her friends … Read more

Sukhadi: A Gujrati Sweet

Sukhadi by Chef Rinku Patel Saheli Rinku Patel is one of the most amazing contributors to our website Super Saheliya and today she is going to teach us Indian sweet SUKHADI. Rinku says that she learnt this recipe from her beloved mother in law. So lets check the ingredients required to make sukhadi INGREDIENTS REQUIRED … Read more